Covid Management

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Hi We’re planning to re-open Wednesday evening 2nd December – we don’t know what capacity and need to see what is permitted. We expect strict limits on capacity so bear with us and book early.

We’re running with a set Christmas menu for lunch and dinner and have included your favourites so you can celebrate in style.


Safety is paramount and we will be making the most of our terrace and open areas on the laneway to create a safe space for customers. We’re also fortunate to have the indoor space for safe dining. 

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Here at the Unicorn the health and safety of you our Customers, Staff and Suppliers is paramount so we have just installed new HEPA filters to purify the air – it’s probably safer than outside air now.

HEPA Virus filter

We are making the best use of of our space, outside areas and good hygiene practices to bring you safe dining in the city centre.

Our approach is focussed on using distance, masks & minimising interactions and good hand hygiene practices to protect you and staff from Covid.

We ask customer to wear masks at all times when not seated in the restaurant for your and others’ safety and

We will have sanitiser units in place at entrances and exits so guests can clean hands on entry and exit. Our own staff will be washing hands on a regular basis and have been briefed on requirements.

Masks, wipes and visors etc are available and staff are using masks in line with guidance for retail operations and for safety of all. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the masks.

Contact details for all bookings and table allocations will be recorded in our reservation system and will assist in contact tracing, if that is ever needed and we hope it isn’t.

On arrival one member of the group should make themselves known at reception and we will quickly seat your group at your allocated table.

Sanitised menus will be given to you and orders promptly taken. You can call in your order ahead of time, if that works for you, so you can make the best use of the time allocation – currently 1 hour 45 minutes.

Tables are cleaned down and sanitised between use as are the oil, vinegar ,salt and pepper. Disposable sachets are available if you prefer.

Waiters will safely place food for guests and minimise time close to guests. Wine and water bottles can be opened and poured by our staff or opened and left for you to pour – just let us know your preferences.

When using toilets please stay to walkways and be aware of other guests. We will have our normal disposable towels and soaps so you can practice good had hygiene.

At the end of your meal we will process your bill at the table as usual and request you use the designated exit in the restaurant and through the terrace so we can minimise contact with guests entering the restaurant through the main entrance.

We hope you enjoy your visit and be assured that behind the scenes we are working to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and good practice to ensure minimise the risks we all unfortunately face.

private laneway location
Private laneway in the city centre